On sunrise each morning a small slice of France opens its doors. Customers eagerly line up each morning at the front door of Choco Cannelle Patisserie at 7am, ready for their morning slice of France. Awaiting the fine classic French Pastries to take as they come straight from the oven to be enjoyed warm. Whether it is the Pain Au Raisin full of raisins glistening with a natural shine, or perhaps a Croissant with a gorgeous flaky pastry there is something to satisfy any appetite.

Ask any one of its loyal customers and they will proudly boast it is their local hidden treasure trove. Established in 1999 Jean Francois’ Perron has certainly brought to this leafy suburb a touch of France.

Walking through the front door of this quaint Patisserie, one is in awe of these exquisite creations that are on display ready for the taking. You can feel the authenticity once inside this Patisserie. One would mistake themselves for being in France, rather than the leafy suburb of Ryde, Sydney. Watching Jean Francois’ Perron in action creating these pieces of art, he creates an atmosphere of theatrics with his craftsmanship, whilst greeting his customers “Bonjour Monsieur, Bonjour Mademoiselle” in his thick French accent.

At the young age of 15years Jean Francois’ worked in the family Patisserie business in Angers France, under the watchful eye of his father where he completed his apprenticeship. This would be the beginning of many successful accolades, going on to complete a Masters Degree in Pastry in France. He worked in prestigious establishments including 4 years with Albert Roux in London and California, and 7 years at the Palace George V France. It is no wonder he has become a true artisan in pastry, attracting a loyal following.

Jean Francois’ is very proud of his creations, all of which are made from scratch by hand on the premises. He creates these exquisite delicacies each day, using his incredible skill and technique for all to see. As he is preparing the pastry for his next batch of croissants he uses at technique called Tourage, which he has certainly mastered over the years.

Jean Francois’ most favourite delicacy to create is the Croquembouche. This classic Toffee Croquembouche made with profiteroles filled with a smooth custard (crème patisserie) and coated with golden toffee, then decorated with hand spun toffee nests and sugared almonds. Jean Francois’ says “This takes many hours to complete.” The Croquembouche is a true masterpiece.

These exquisite creations are showcased in the shop front fridge, whether you fancy a slice or a whole cake the choice is yours. The Frasier with fresh strawberries, light cream and a touch of Grand Marnier, topped with soft meringue is a mesmerizing piece of art.

My eyes are captivated by the perfection of the Petits Fours. The burst of lemon on the mini Lemon Citron, the incredible sheen on the Opera or the bite sized Coffee Éclair.

As I leave with a box full of perfect bite sized Petits Fours, one thing I do know for sure is that I will return for another slice of France.

Petits Fours: $2.50 each

Frasier: $45.00 serves 8-12

Croissant: $3.80

Croquembouche: made to order minimum 100 profiteroles

Choco Cannelle Patisserie Fine – Shop 1 No.2 Callaghan Street, Ryde

Opening Hours Monday – Friday 7am-12pm, Saturday 7am-2pm


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