Posted on 22 November 2016

Source: Etihad Airways                                                                                                                    Flying Nanny Economy Smart Seat

Travelling with children can at times be a rather overwhelming thought. Kids are ever so unpredictable. Ever wished you had an extra pair of hands whilst travelling on a long haul flight with the family. Well you wish has now been answered.

Etihad Airways introduced the Flying Nanny Service in 2013, this service is included at no extra fee.

Source: Etihad Airways                                                                                          Kids Pack

Although most international airlines offer wonderful activity packs and inflight entertainment. Having a little extra help I am sure would be greatly appreciated by most who travel with little ones in tow.

The Flying Nanny is easily identified on board, wearing a bright orange apron. Fully equipped with a goody bag of games and activities to entertain your little ones. Activities include arts, crafts and origami, magic tricks, face painting, hand puppets and drawing competitions. And for the children that are a wee bit older the inflight entertainment system with movies and interactive games will certainly keep them entertained.

The Flying Nanny cannot take the children off you completely as they are there to cater to all families travelling on board. They can assist with settling the children when ready to sleep, entertaining the children while mum/dad or carer need to use the bathroom.

They can also assist with warming and replenishing milk, extra nappies can be supplied and snacks as required. Also assist the children to navigate the children’s programs on the inflight entertainment system.

Source: Etihad Airways

And for those families who are transiting at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the airline’s Premium Lounges offer a family room where children are occupied by a colourful setting and entertainment. The Premium Lounges in Abu Dhabi International Airport are located in Terminal 3 close to gate 32 and also Terminal 1 beside the Al Reem Lounge after you clear security.

For First Class travellers, Etihad Airways’ First Class Lounge and Spa also caters to little guests. They offer children their own area to play. The play room has a Nanny who is trained and is certified by the world –renowned Norland College and is on duty at all times. The children will be kept busy with plenty of games and activities including a Playstation to keep them entertained. Children are also offered their own healthy snacks and meals.

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