Posted on 29 September 2016

If you are planning a upcoming family day at a major theme park and want to make this a most positive memorable experience rather than a most painful experience. Check out the following tips that may assist your day to be as seamless as possible.

1. Be super organised – visit the theme parks website down load a brochure to assist with planning the day prior to your visit. Eg: show times, highlight the things your family most want to see.

2. Book Rides ahead- some of the large theme parks offer “express” or “fast Passes” or similar. Use this system to ensure that your family doesn’t miss out. By booking in advance also alleviates wait times in long lines and saves time.

3. Pack the night before – perhaps type up a list and check it off as you pack the night before to ensure that nothing is left behind.

4. Pack for varying weather conditions- These days the weather is so unpredictable, the sun may be shining first thing in the morning, but thunderstorms by the afternoon. LAYER UP, light Jacket, spray Jacket, comfortable clothes, comfortable walking shoes. Sunscreen, Hats, sunglasses.

5. Extra set of clothes- some theme parks offer exciting activities that involve water. Ensure a light change of clothes are packed, so no one in the family is caught out walking around all day soaking wet.

6. Snacks, snacks and more snacks- better more than not enough is my motto. Nothing worse than hungry little tummies. Ensure to pack lots of little snacks and water to keep hydrated. From my experience satisfied little tummies makes for happy little tummies. (I always include in my packed snacks, a container of fresh fruit and veges as these are usually virtually impossible to find at a theme park) nothing worse than processed, fried food all day.

7. Mini First Aid/extras- Spare memory stick for camera, Charger, band-aids, Panadol, disposable ponchos (doesn’t hurt) how many times have you been at a special family outing and the cameras memory stick is full or the battery goes flat.

8. Accommodation- if you are planning on going to several theme parks over a couple of days all in the same area, it may be helpful to book accommodation that is in a close vicinity. They may offer packages that include multi day access to the theme parks or even early access, dining discounts etc. It is definatley worth checking out.

9. Brief family- write all contact details and ensure each child has this attached to them somewhere(necklace), bracelet, on clothing item. Explain to all the family how busy the theme parks can be and the importance of staying together, and no running off.

10. Boredom busters- Unfortunatley at the big theme parks especially peak times (school holidays) lines are inevitable and little children have difficulty patiently waiting. Be a step ahead bring a little toy, or game that is easily accessable for them to be kept amused.

11. ENJOY YOURSELVES- Most importantly go and enjoy your day with your family and create wonderful memories.

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