Source: Club Med        Kelly Armstrong Land sports Co-Ordinator Club Med Bintan Island

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Club Med G.O Kelly Armstrong, who is the Land sports Co-ordinator at Club Meds Bintan Island.  Having spent several seasons myself working at Club Med as a Land sports Co-ordinator, Life Guard and Kids Club G.O this is such a privilege and thrill to have this wonderful opportunity to interview Kelly.

 What inspired you to become a CLUB MED G.O?

Pre Club Med, I was working as a Student Liaison Officer and mostly the Event Manager for international students at a university in Australia.  I loved my job, but I realised I had the rest of life to work a 9-5 office job.  I don't have the rest of my life to work as a G.O at Club Med. That's a lifestyle for now.   I'm 25 and unattached…perfect!  Let's go live!  So I applied.

How long have you been a CLUB MED G.O?

I started at Club Med 9 months ago.  I was hired as a lifeguard, I then moved to sailing/kayak instructor, to land sport polyvalent, then to tennis G.O, to fitness G.O, then mountain bike G.O, and now I'm Bintan Island’s Land Sport Coordinator.

Why do you think CLUB MED is the perfect holiday choice for families?

Looking for a family holiday?  Club Med it should be.  Do you like relaxing all day in a sun chair sipping cocktails and reading books with some peace away from the kids?  Does your partner love golf and hate cooking?  Does your teenager want to do their own thing and be cool away from mum and dad, hanging out with other teens? Does your youngest want to do EVERYTHING from playing games, painting, swimming, sport, trapeze, playing with other kids to performing in shows?  This holiday has something for everyone.  What does bored even mean? 

What is a typical day for a CLUB MED FITNESS G.O?

My days as a fitness G.O were awesome.  Free food, alcohol, accommodation and paid to stay fit. Excellent!  Typically I'd start with a power walk, followed by cardio class then water aerobics, sun dancing and a pool game.  Off to lunch to meet some more lovely GMs, quick nap, Abs butt and thighs class, pilates, followed by yoga or soccer.  Evenings include dinner with GMs, chat chat, eat eat eat eat (the buffet is incredibly delicious and dangerous), then it is show time.  We dance and party the rest of the night.

Copy the above, then put it on repeat 6 days a week.  What a life!

What has been your most memorable moment to date as a CLUB MED G.O?

My best moment so far as a G.O is dancing on stage.  I've never been able to dance or act, but Club Med is such an encouraging environment to try anything and be anyone.  In 9 months I’ve been Michael Jackson’s back up dancer, a Bollywood dancer, multiple celebrities, a mermaid, robot, river dancer and much more. I love it.  What job in the world will I ever be able to play sport all day and dance on a stage at night?

Any advice for first time guests (G.M) to CLUB MED?

If you've never been to Club Med, expect different from a normal hotel.  Staff (G.Os) will sit with you for lunch and dinner, you'll go out of your comfort zone by trying the trapeze or dancing around the pool.  Your kids will beg to take them back to the Kids Club every day, and you don't need to think about when or where your next meal or drinks will come from. Get involved in the Club Med culture. Say yes every day.  Give it all a go.  Get wrapped up in a bubble life of highly contagious happiness.  You will have the most incredible holiday.

If you could choose your next CLUB MED VILLAGE to work as a FITNESS G.O, which village and why?

My dream village (fingers crossed for next season) is Club Med Kani in the Maldives.  I could be land sports, fitness, sailing, kayaking or snorkel instructor.  Day off on a tiny island spent surfing and scuba diving…yes please!

Finally, in one word describe a G.O.

Wow, what a question...Describe a G.O in one word.....EVERYTHING.   We do everything and we are always happy about it.  One day I'll be doing my job of a lifeguard, that same day I'll be helping reception taking guests to their room, setting up chairs for a function, fixing a tennis court net and being a Bollywood dancer in a show. Every day is different, every day is fun, every day we meet new people from all over the world, every day we do just about anything and everything.

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