Posted on 27 October 2016

Whistler has been on my to do list for many years. An opportunity presented it self most recently (sale fares!) Now, come on who doesn't love a good sale. (or to be honest just a reason to book a fabulous holiday). Or as my husband so politley worded it the other day, Im the best consumer to date. I will take that as a compliment.

This trip wasn't really planned months in advance. But sometimes the things that are organised at the last minute work out to be the most memorable. And I can say with no word of a doubt to date, that this was one of the most memorable family holidays (I know, I know. I say this about every holiday) I like to call it a positive trait of mine. But this is why I no sooner touch down on the tarmac and I am planning the next. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to create wonderful memories. (is this just another reason/excuse I use to make myself feel good about planning the next holiday) Maybe! but I am yet to have the family complain about going on yet another holiday.

We departed Sydney in the frosty month of July (winter time southern hemisphere) heading for some summer time fun (summer time northern hemisphere). We flew with the iconic kangaroo (a direct return flight sydney-vancouver) The flight departed sydney early evening, which is really my preffered choice when travelling as a family. Dinner, movie and fingers crossed the kids are exhuasted from the adrenile high of excitement they are soon out for the count, and snuggled in enjoying some much needed ZZZZs.

Landing gear already coming down, it seemed a rather pleasant 14hour flight. Kids recharged and another round of adrenile excitement kicks in. As we arrive into Vancouver, bags are ready for collection, proceed through customs where our driver awaits. I had arranged for a private transfer for the scenic 2hour journey from Vancouver to Whistler. There are other transport services to Whistler from Vancouver. For our family though, we like to be comforatable and espeically after already travelling from the other side of the world. I do enjoy this too. Now, If you no me well enough. With any family holiday, whether it be local or abroad I always do my homework and research research research. I do love to know what is on offer, be it picturesque landscapes, fabulous places to eat, sleep, festivals, special events and activities to do. I like to think that I am all over it, when im arranging any type of getaway. I do recall reading several times about the most scenic drive from Vancouver to Whistler (Sea to Sky Highway), so I did have rather high expectations. Well, let me tell you I wasn't let down at all. My family and I were all in awe of this most incredible landscape, an absolute beauty. Admiring the huge granite mountains most of which are capped glaciers and running streams and lakes, this made for a most enjoyable 2hour car journey (with kids).

As we arrive into Whistler Village we sight our first Black Bear furraging through the Alpine Meadows near the highway. Sun, Snow,and Bears Oh My! Whistler Village has it all. We no sooner check in to our hotel the Pan Pacific Whistler Village (we chose the Pan Pacific as they are a fully serviced hotel offering apartment style accommodation, which suits our family perfectly.) we all put out togs, fliip flops and robes on and head straight down to the heated pool and whirlpools. Agggghhh! We all just sat admist the stunning views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains as the most ideal back drop.

We were all now ready for a feast.  The hotel concierge restaurant recommendation 21 steps, was a great choice for our first evening meal in Whislter.  Only a 2 minute walk away and we were seated enjoying a beautiful meal.  21 steps offers modern comfort food, the meal portions were very genorous, but of highest quality.  Both my husband and I were craving a nice steak, this was like butter melting in your mouth.  The kids roast chicken was also a pleaser.  With a belly full of food and still daylight (8.30pm) we did a little exploring to find the nearest icecream parlour.  We soon came to see that this village has been so cleverly designed, everything (shops,restaurants, bars,accommodation, activites, access to lifts) are easily accessable by the paths through the village, no transport required.  LOVE THIS!  We  Found the infamous COWS icecream parlour where we all dived in for a scoop of icecream served in a handmade waffle.  With over 32 flavours, one could be here all evening trying to decide.  We finally made our very important icecream flavour choice kids opting for choc/mint and pecan for mum and dad.  Time to rest, ready for the Whistler week ahead.

Time for breakfast and you guessed it a good cup of coffee to kickstart the day. And of course I am all over it, researching to ensure husband and I waste no time in getting a great morning Cino. The first morning we enjoyed our coffee from MOGULS COFFEE house, and Summer enjoyed the bestest bannana smoothie she has ever had (what about mummies home made smoothies with lots of TLC!). Superb we are all engines running now.

We set out to see the GIANT SNOW WALLS (these are only on Whistler Mountain for a short period in early summer) The walls are carved from the snow received during winter to allow for access to the Alpine. To access this we took a trip on the PEAK-TO-PEAK GONDALA, the views were breathtaking.

As we reach the Roundhouse Lodge we hop off and walk across to the Peak Express open air chairlift heading for the Top of the World Summit (2,182m/7,087ft). The weather is now starting to look a little glum. However we stick to our plan and jump on the chairlift. Silence…. Complete and utter silence… I have never experienced such stillness. Truly a magical moment. Icy cold drops of rain splashing down on our faces. Still complete silence, not a word..

As we reach the top and jump off, my husband lets out an almighty sigh of releif. We begin to trek down towards the location of the giant snow walls, however the weather has begun to really set in. Now not being able to see a few feet in front we unfortunatley only managed to see teensey piece of the Giant Snow Walls. A few happy snappys taken, and we were back heading down the mountain.

We worked up some serious appetites by now. Time for a spot of lunch. We decided to take the Peak to Peak gondala over to Blackcomb Mountain where we enjoyed lunch at Christines Restaurant whilst taking in the most spectacular views from Blackcomb Mountain.

Dinner was enjoyed at Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub (Pan Pacific Mountainside). Sitting back enjoying the picturesque mountain views, whilst listening to the live Irish Music. This was a fabulous way to wind down the day.

Another gorgeous morning in Whistler, we decide to embrace the cycling fever that is buzzing in Whistler during the Summer months. Bikes sorted, map in hand, off we set for yet another adventure.

We discover the most stunning running streams along the way. As we continue to follow the trails through the Alpine Meadows we discover Lost Lake and set up for a delicious bite to it. Enjoying the most scrumptious gelato and home made tangerine soda bought from the food truck found nearby.

On our cycle back to the village we decide to see what was happening at the upper village.

The kids were both quick to spot Family Adventure Zone. Family Adventure Zone is located at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. There are so many fun filled activities to keep the family happy.

From Mario and Friends Mini Golf, Westcoaster Slide, Hot Wheelz electric go carts and glitter tattoos just to name a few things to keep the whole family entertained. Purchasing and adventure pass is really neat as it allows you to prepay up to 20 activities and anyone in your family or group can use this.

After a full day of cycling fun followed by super cool activities at the adventure zone we were all tuckered out. We had a super early start the next day, as we were going on a bear viewing tour.

Wakey Wakey rise and shine. Our early morning wake up call just felt oh so ridiculously early. But being the optimist I am I knew that it was going to be well worth it.

Our tour guide Brad Doerksen of Whistler Photo Safaris was awaiting down stairs at 6am sharp all bright eyed and bushy tailed. As we all hopped in the 4wd we were off to find us some bears to view.

Our guide was fantastic, he kept us all well entertained and he was ever so informative about the area and the bears of course.

After a very successful bear viewing morning, we head back to the village for a much needed coffee and breakfast.

Being our last day in Whistler we all decided to head back up the mountain taking the 360 degree gondola as the weather was certainly a lot better than our first time up the mountain. Enjoying and embracing every minute, the view is just spectacular.

We are the Champions! Happy snaps in front of the 2010 Olympic Rings.

We found a couple of cute snow angels along the way on Blackcomb Mountain.

We truly fell in love with Whistler and all are so looking forward to heading back. A truly magical destination.

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